What on earth do cats' teeth have to be brushed? Maybe you have never paied attention about this, even you'll reply ''No''. Then, following are some viewpoints contribute to transition of my thought.


Generally, Mummy/Daddy will find an awful smell directly from pet's mouth, obtaining a kiss from your cats or hissing when they feel scary or nervous. About 1-year-old (or even yet), the condition will turn into distinct and serious as possiabe. However, many mummy have no ideas to cope with or neglect the importance. 


There are 4 reasons you'd better to wash teeth for cats

1. smell

2.plaque--impact on eating, especially older cat might have problem to chew.

3. With eating, bacteria on teeth will be swallowed and lead to disease

4. The wound(due to neuter/be bitten...)will be infected if cats lick it with spittle, fulling of bacteria. 


Doubtless, human also suffer from some of point above,  thereby why we ignore our cat's teeth?




Tools you have to prepare:


1. Brush with soft bristal which is designed specially for pet or kid.  

    advantage: avoid bite completely 

    disavantage:tactus can help you detect detail on surface of teeth.

2. pet's toothpaste: Mainly ingredient is leaven, which extend slot to prevent (food+bacterai+spittal) from chemical reaction

    usage: put on surface and not to back and forth

3. medical swaddle: The method is obtained from docter and is efficiency.

    usage: Round finger 3 times, and you can feel detailed contact with teeth. 



 Step1: Use swaddle or brush to wash back and forth.

           up to down and outside to inside

 Step2: Put on teeth cream and not to back and sforth. 


Must Must Must brush it everyday!! Don't accumulate plaque, or it will hard to pick off!


It's worth to take care that canned cat food are more likely to accumulate plaque than dried cat food, because rest of meat might adhere among teeth. Therefore, kinds of food will affact the degree that you'd care. 


(pics about $2000 flys away)


Maybe, you have already neglected for few years, and Plaque have adhered stubbornly as well. You can ask doctor for help and he'll provide you some professional recommendation such as ''wash teeth''. After cleaning completely, you still have to brush regularly in order to maintain the effect. Since it's costly (about $2000), we'd better brush it diligenty everyday, sure? HaHa






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